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Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
#BeyondDigital Track • Hauptsache Frei Festival

While digitization in the performing arts has exploded in the last year, many media artists* have long used digital space as a stage and material for their art. Since the emergence of the Internet, aesthetics have evolved, social spaces and arrangements have been interrogated and subverted, and questions of liveness and the role of the audience or user* have been considered.

The mentoring #BeyondDigital connects Hamburg (emerging) artists with international media artists. In this first prototype of the mentoring program, four tandems work together to exchange ideas on poetics and discourses of net performance art.

Thus, instead of reinventing media art and unilaterally searching for translation possibilities from the stage to the screen, the mentees will get to know existing media artistic discourses and aesthetics in order to research interfaces and productive differences of theater and media art. The #BeyondDigital track sees itself as a networking tool and catalyst for interdisciplinary artistic research and the creation of new complicities between net art and theater creators.


Mentoring #BeyondDigital

A conspiratorial and scene-connecting mentoring program

The mentoring was beginning with a practical workshop in August 2021. Afterwards, the participants were invited to develop a net-artistic sketch or prototype in the company of a mentor, which can be presented in the context of Hauptsache Frei 2022.

#BeyondDigital Conversations

Three international net, performance and media artists present their work and give insight into exciting net performance practices. They are mentors of our newly launched #BeyondDigital Mentoring Program and set the mood for a three-month exchange phase with performing artists. They discuss the role of the audience on the net with us, show what has happened so far and spin fantastic future scenarios for the performing arts on the internet. There will be time for questions and sharing afterwards.





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