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Creative Technologies Meetup HH

Together with Alexandra Waligorski and Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli, Hamburg, member Axel Sylvester, we have initiated a monthly, informal meetup series for people who engage in arts, design, and technology and who are interested in its intersections.

Artists, researchers, curators, designers or engineers present their work, share their present research and problems and look for potential collaborators.
The idea is to create a place for interdisciplinary exchange on this upcoming topic which is still often considered a nerdy niche topic although being interwoven with our everyday lives – and then there is beer, food and friendly people.

Next dates:
12/04/2016 – 19:30h at Künstlerhaus FAKTOR
10/05/2016 – 19:30h at FabLab Fabulous St. Pauli
14/06/2016 – 19:30 at Künstlerhaus FAKTOR
12/07/2016 – Summerbreak
09/08/2016 – at FabLab Fabulous St. Pauli

If you want to take part, join us on facebook or write me a message!

>> Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli, Hamburg

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