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this is a series of photos taken at a demonstration against the so-called legge-bavaglio on piazza navona in rome centre in spring 2010.
romans of all ages were demonstrating against a newly invented law, forbidding media to criticize politicians previous to elections – if i understood and remember right.

here, i am starting a collection of links for my not-italian friends who continously ask me ‚how come they still got a president like that?‘. obviously, i can’t answer properly, usually i just throw a bunch of chaotic feelings and experiences into the discussion – and most of all, i wouldn’t dare saying THE italians are like ‚this and that‘.

this list is (will be) a random collection of news and info and far from being complete. however, whenever i’ve got time and pass by something interesting or enlightening, i will leave it here…

legge bavaglio

wikipedia blocking


so let’s see what an era monti brings along…


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