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2nd Choreographic Coding Lab @ Berlin 2014

From September 21st to 26th, 2014, the HZT Berlin has been host to the second edition of our collaboration platform „Choreographic Coding Lab“. During the week, 22 two artists have conducted research and experimentation on question that appear at the intersection between contemporary dance and creative technologies.

A more profound documentation on the outcomes and specific projects will soon be provided on

The Participants: Michael Baumann, Till Bovermann, Oliver Connew, Arístides Job García, Ersin Han Ersin, Johannes Helberger & Felipe Sanchez (Kling Klang Klong), Amelie Hinrichsen, Maria Judova, Anton Koch, Markéta Kuttnerová, Alessandra Leone & Hen (StratoFyzika), Mark Matthes, Lea Pischke, Antony Rayzhekov, Marko Ritter, Nick Rothwell, Stavros Skouras, Bela Usabaev, Simon Weckert, Wooguru.

The lab was co-organised by Motion Bank and NODE Forum for Digital Arts

Organization Team: Scott deLahunta, Florian Jenett and Jeanne Charlotte Vogt


Supported by Retune.14 Conference & Native Instruments


CCL14 Motion Bank scott delahunta (c) florian jenett CCL14 Motion Bank (c) florian jenett CCL14 Motion Bank balloons (c) florian jenett CCL14 Motion Bank (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank Sensors Hen Lovelybird (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank Gösta Wellmer Native Instruments (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank stretching (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank Marlon Barrios Solano (c) florian jenett CCL14 Motion Bank sensors (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank Talking (c) florian jenett CCL14 Motion Bank Ersin Han Ersin (c) jeanne vogt CCL14 Motion Bank Talking (c) jeanne vogt


Participants‘ Documentation

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