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Jeanne Charlotte Vogt
Digitale Welten

Digital transformation is a relevant topic for people of all generations. This is why, with the headline Digitale Welten, the NODE team creates all sorts of activities for teens, kids and everyone else to discuss and co-create our technological society. We’re especially proud to have launched our youth media arts festival.

The aim of Digitale Welten is to work practically and creatively with technology, tear down boundaries and insecurities while raising awareness for issues of network politics and questions of our digital society. Through artistic practices and approaches the program seeks to convey an emancipated use of media.

Using the creative process to work with and discuss technology at eye level with artists and designers, one’s own potential in relation to the technological lifeworld becomes tangible. Digitale Welten is turning young people into active participants of the digital world, we take into consideration their notable perspectives and acknowledges their active role as critical creators and designers of a global discourse.

We also run the Frankfurt edition of Jugend hackt.

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